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Special spring offer

news %Everyone who subscribes to the wedding page until 31.05.2015 pays only € 45,- instead of € 166,-.

Product improvements and enhancements

news new

The homepage gets continuously enhanced and provided to everyone - also to existing customers.
New: Guest gallery & photographer gallery: As from now on your guests and the photographer have the chance to upload their pictures and provide them online to everyone. Thus your guests can see the professional pictures by the photographer and you can view the funny snapshots of your guests!
New: Handle invitations and feedback of guests online: As from now on you have the chance to handle the acceptances and refusals of your guests quick and easy online and get a clear overview of your effective guestlist without any effort.


news newWe extended the range of attractive web addresses with the following:  

news newNow we offer you also a range of attractive english web adresses:

Enhanced  runtime

homepage wird erstelltTo provide you more time to create your own wedding page we've enhanced the runtime. As of now the runtime is not limited to one year anymore but lasts until 6 months after your wedding date. Now you can use the lead time to start with your wedding page as soon as you want. 

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